Music : Marc Geonet
Text : Pascale Gorissen
Arrangements : Cromlec’h

Mother of Earth she calls us, pray hear her song
Mother of Earth she calls us, pain in her soul
Mother of Earth she calls us, tears growing cold
washed o’er the faces of the world

Sing for the sun
In the glow of the morning star
She will reach for your land, wherever you are
Lay by the tree
He the voice of the blowing wind
Leaves devise, close your eyes, you will hear her sing

Pray to the moon
“Be my guide in the fright of night”
Through the dark rest your heart, she will be the light
Dance with the sea
Feel the breeze, play the changing tides
Waves will shine, you will find, Gaïa by your side

Reach for the clouds
Bringing life to the high wide blue
Embrace the air, she the fair, heal the world anew
Blessed by the years
She will grant to your dears and loved
Pray to her, hail to her, Mother of the Earth

Mother of the Earth, Mother of the Earth…

Vocals : Pascale Gorissen, Fabienne Shaw
Guitar, flutes, vocals, sequencer : Marc Geonet
Guitar, percussions, vocals: Bastien Gorissen